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Emphasizing Aylo Health's commitment to customer service and patient convenience

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Project Overview
Build a website for the newly rebranded Aylo Health as they planned to expand beyond the south Atlanta-metro area, emphasizing customer service and patient convenience and integrating with Aylo’s new patient portal to provide more personalized access to healthcare information.
My Role
Lead UX Designer
Year Completed
The Team
2 UX Designers, Project Manager, Account Manager, Visual Designer, UI Developer, Platform Developer
The Aylo Health website services page, locations page, and footer

The Client

Aylo Health, formerly Eagles Landing Health, was founded with the vision to redefine the relationship between patients and primary care providers. With a core network of clinics established in the Atlanta-metro area, Eagles Landing Health was ready to expand.

Project Summary

As Aylo Health prepared to expand with a new name, brand, and more locations, we were tasked with helping them launch a new website that reflected their commitment to customer service and patient convenience. The site needed to provide easier access to important healthcare information and integrate with Aylo’s new patient portal to provide a personalized experience.
Gif of a phone displaying the patient portal page with words scrolling behind it that say personalized healthcare experiences

The Challenge

In line with Aylo's commitment to prioritizing customer service and enhancing patient convenience, our challenge was to harness the power of HIPAA-compliant patient data to craft a website infused with personalized features at every turn.

This website had a dual purpose — cater to the needs of both current and potential patients. For prospective patients, it aimed to provide essential information crucial for making informed healthcare decisions. Simultaneously, it had to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, ensuring current patients had effortless access to Aylo's advanced patient portal and scheduling tool.

The Research

When it comes to healthcare, trust is key and a subpar online experience can erode trust in the industry. We set out to uncover the needs of patients seeking new healthcare providers.

Our approach involved engaging conversations with individuals who were not part of the Aylo patient community. Their journeys was characterized by the stress and uncertainty associated with looking for a new doctor. They shared a strong desire for an experience that felt warm and approachable, was characterized by intuitive navigation, and effectively eliminated the common pain points they regularly encountered.

Understanding the significance of balancing patient needs with Aylo's strategic objectives, we spoke with seven key stakeholders within the Aylo organization and consulted with four of their external vendors. These discussions provided valuable insights into Aylo's evolving brand identity, the specific patient demographics they catered to, their visionary plans for expansion, and the present and future operational requirements of their business.

Armed with this knowledge, we set out to craft an online experience that embodied modern features, provided comprehensive information, boasted ease of use, seamlessly integrated with Aylo's patient portal, and ultimately positioned Aylo and its patients for success.
Aylo Health homepage above the fold

The Solutions

We designed a new patient-focused website that is clear and easy to use with quick and efficient access to the information any prospective patient may want, while also guiding current patients to the patient portal for their healthcare needs.

Our approach was simple. Don't overwhelm patients with a confusing information architecture. Keep the language conversational. Build a connection between the patient and their healthcare professional. Showcase how Aylo is transforming the patient-provider relationship.

We developed a taxonomy for service groups, where related services around things like cardiac care, hormone therapy, and men's and women's health are shown together to highlight Aylo's comprehensive healthcare services. It also educates patients on why preventative care is important, using language that is easy for even non-medically savvy patients to understand.

We wanted those service groups to better align with how patients think about healthcare — there is something wrong and I need someone to treat it, which for some conditions might require multiple types of care. For example, if someone has diabetes, we wanted the website to easily show the different services Aylo offered — care for type 1 or type 2 diabetes, endocrinology services, eye screenings, insulin pump therapy, lab work, and nutrition counseling — all in one place.

Our provider profiles feature friendly images, personal details, and helpful information like the languages they speak, if they are accepting new patients, testimonials from their current patients, and patient reviews. This helps prospective patients build a long-term relationship with that provider in a way they feel more comfortable discussing very personal health and lifestyle information with them.

We worked with Aylo to integrate their Salesforce data into the website. That integration paid off with the new insurance page — something we heard from patients was the most important thing when picking a new healthcare provider. This up-to-date list helps prospective patients easily determine if Aylo accepts their insurance.
Partial Aylo Health pages for insurance, Find a Provider, Patient Resources, and the Aylo Difference